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Why do I even mention it!

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It sure is steep!

Looks like a staircase going to an attic. If that's the case, I would rather have this than a pull down ladder.

Now if they are bedrooms up there and they are included in the bedroom count, I have a problem with it.

Actually, I reconstructed a home that has a really large attic, rather than a pull down ladder, the only staircase I could fit is also quite steep. Mine even has a dormer that you can hit your head if you don't duck. Having said that, both of my sons use this area, it is great for storage, and if I ever decide to sell; I would never include the 2 rooms in the bedroom count.

In my head, I would rather have the stairs than a ladder, but agree it should be included in the report.

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Three bedrooms and a bath up there! The treads were all different sizes; use my size 8 boot for reference. They were bitching about the inspector writing this as an access/egress issue. including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, open end handrail, carpet, pitch, hole in wall, etc.

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I kinda like it. It would test the occupants motor and cognitive skills....get people in tune with their environment. It's why we've gone soft. No challenges.

Build a house where adaptive survival traits are valued, the result is a better nation.

going up would work for me, but walking down them after an adult beverage or two may be a challenge.

Folks sleeping up there should have up to date life/health insurance policies.

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Ships ladder,

See 'em occasionally for attics, lofts in A-frames, access for kids to little built-in play rooms. Those things are not fat guy friendly, let me tell you. One slip and you go bouncy, bouncy, bouncy all the way down dragging your hands over your head on the handrails. Don't ask me how I know - it was humiliating.

Did you pay them when you told them what they did not want to hear?



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