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A zillion nails


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Just came off this roof when the owner started talking about it being only 3 years old. I asked if he did the work. No, some roofer did?

My report indicated poor quality material and every exposed nail head was a potential leak, all 3000 of them. I got tired of counting at 2448.

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Haven't seen it in years, but that used to be an accepted method of installing roll roofing. It was for roofs with a slope of 2:12 or greater and you were supposed to put the nails in every 3 inches. Instructions were printed right on the package.

I tell people it's good for woodsheds and dog houses where you don't care whether or not the wood or the dog gets wet.

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Reminds me of the time I inspected an 1890's farmhouse colonial.. wood clapboards and shinges... etc.

Owner had 'built' a brick-veneer "OUTSIDE" the entire sides of the house.. with a space of about 6" between veneer and original house...

I had to pull the buyer aside and say "..this house is on a main drag sir... are you sure you want to be laughed-at by every contractor in town for the next many years.. "?

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My Vizsla shall be dry and warm and will not live in a dog house. I will live my life outside before she does.

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Right, roll roofing is good for chickens and rabbits, but your dog deserves at least one layer of mod bit, eh? [:)]

BTW, nice coat on that pooch.

The jacket's not bad either. [:)]

Yes she does!

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