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Inspectors just closing up shop

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I just updated my NY mailing list that I last compiled in 2017. In 2017 there were 1,180 NY inspectors. Today, there are 1,750-ish NY inspectors. Here's the really amazing thing- of the 1,180 in 2017, only 288 are still in business. That means that 4/5 of NY inspectors currently licensed have fewer than 3 years experience.


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We were considered "essential" by our wonderful leaders, so we only were closed for three days.  We will finish the year a bit above last year for inspections and have double digit increases in radon, sewer scopes, water, pest inspections. 

This may be my last year as an active participant.  One of the inspectors is going to put me out to pasture! 

This sales market for houses is better than it has been for years.  We actually have dozens more inspectors in mid Michigan than ever before.   Lots have closed. 


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15 hours ago, Bill Kibbel said:

Since the governor let me go back to work, it's the busiest I've ever been in 33 years.  Even with being shut down for 9 weeks, this might be the best year yet.

It's been busy for me as well. But, like Tom said, there's no inventory. Competition is fierce in the sub $300k market and often  sales bring offers higher than asking and no contingencies-which means no inspection. I inspected just three homes that were less than $200K and they were all for the same buyer.   

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I always believed the on-the-fence buyers were all pulling the trigger this year due to Covid and all the other crap happening in 2020 (and the low interest rates), thus a record year for me also. 

But I also believed the pipe-line of such buyers would dry-up, and it seems like the last week is showing such.  I'm working, but not turning away jobs anymore as I've had to the past few months.  And, at least three or four realtors all asked me in the past week if business has slowed; most all I've talked to said all of a sudden they're dead in the water.

Booming housing is only thing sustaining this crippled economy, what with all the related housing purchases and labor costs.  That's going to dry-up soon as well, though.

I've stocked away my nuts for the winter; IMHO, it's gonna be a long, cold, and very peaceful (biz-wise) winter.  Just waiting for the final bizarre events of 2020 to materialize. 

Here's to a better year in 2021 for all!



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