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A New Tactic for Controlling the Inspection?

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A clip taken out of the Wisconsin Realtors Associations Newletter.

1.) Offer to Purchase - Inspection Contingency


At a recent CE class attended by an agent, the attorney-instructor made a point of saying that buyers should negotiate with sellers for permission to attend the home inspection. Is this true?


It is true that the existing offer to purchase forms require sellers to provide access to the property for the buyer's inspectors, but don't require the seller to allow the buyer access during inspections. Whether people are just getting more contentious or more guarded with their privacy, this seems to be coming up more frequently. It would be prudent for licensees who are drafting offers to get into the habit of asking buyers if they want to attend the home inspection and, if so, include specific language in the offer to make sure that can happen.

So are we in for a new tactic in controling the inspection walk through?

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I know some don't want meddlesome buyers around but I insist that the buyer attend the inspection and follow me around. There is nothing like the buyer seeing the problem, talking about what caused it, what it's going to take to fix it. The final result is they understand. In ten years I have never been sued and I owe it all to my client walking around with me. This is when (I believe JM, the Lizard King, said it) I create love.

Not having the buyer there makes my reporting exponentially more difficult.

Would the real estate industry ever want to get in the way of the buyer truly understanding what problems the house has?

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As we know, a majority of realtors talk about their contracts and all other aspects of a transaction as if they have law degrees from Harvard, whereas in truth they're typically bored housewives or peeps who've bought into the idea that real estate will allow them to generate incomes while hardly working. There are exceptions, and I love those individuals, but they are in the microscopic minority.

Their lobby is huge, however, which gives them power; the power to create their own documents. And as we know, He who writes the contract, writes it for Himself. To mirror what Mike said, face-to-face time with a client creates a bond and, most importantly, trust. What helps a realtor when she is trying to downplay or discredit what a HI has told a client? The lack of said bond. Limiting a buyer's time with an inspector lessens a buyer's resolve when tough decisions have to be made.

I've added a photo to my e-signature that ends missives to realtors. What do y'all think?

Image Insert:


44.89 KB

John Bain, President

Bain Property Inspection, Inc.

611 Kastle Road

Lexington, Ky 40502


Well, actually, no. Just busting your chops.

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Originally posted by allspec33351


The Realtor is the home inspectors best friend. What would this profession be if there was no relationship between home inspectors and Realtors?


one could always dream


I don't know but I sure would like to see but doubt I ever will.

Excuse me I was taking a nap and having a good dream about the separation of Realtors and inspectors.

Paul B.

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In the State of Maryland, the Property Inspections Addendum specifically gives the buyer the right to attend the inspection.

This document is 4 pages long in total. Studying it and understanding it is one of my upcoming tasks. I have been trying to find this form online so I can put it up here for you all to scrutinize. So far, no luck finding it online. Maybe I'll scan it and post it that way.

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Naturally the buyers should attend with plenty of time to have it inspected as many times as necessary in the option period. Some agents afraid of losing a sale might disagree.

I REQUIRE that the buyer always be present. Sellers are encouraged to be absent or very much out of the way.

Agents... most of you know about the problems of intrusive agents.

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