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Acid Rain(??) eats metal!


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Well, Mr. Smarty Pants Phillip.

Exactly what qualifications do you have regarding your expertise in moonshine??

And is the IRS aware of the activities you engaged in to obtain that expertise?

And if you truly have that expertise, would you mind sending a sample of your work my way so I can sample your expertise.

Please. Pretty please. Sugar on top!!

If it's really good stuff, I promise not to proclaim your expertise from the mountaintop, but keep it quietly to myself as long as you keep sending samples.


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In my younger days( about 30 years ago) I run with a group of folks that knew the moonshiners in my area. So I have the joy of some fine moonshine and see some that was not so fine.

Some of the stills where set up to cook and filter and drip to make their brew. This took time and made the good stuff. There where the folks that wanted to make it quick and sold it cheaper would mix it up in a pot and drop car battery's into the mix to cook it quick. This also made it smell different that the good stuff.

I know a few folks that ended in the hospital from the bad stuff, and one that died from it.

I still see some from time to time but I know longer partake in it.

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