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Jowers on liars and stupid people

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Expect no warning shot across the bow. That much was for certain.. If you didn't KNOW what you're talking about or express it with flawless grammar and puncuation, you were fair game. He took me to school a number of times.

As unsettling as it was at the time, I actually appreciate it. He always gave one PLENTY to reach for.

When you set foot in his arena, you always knew that this could be the day that you too discover you're a liar, stupid person or both... [:-bigeyes He has a gift [;)]

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Sure, I'll put it up.

Walter and his family are friends of mine. They've been guests in my home. I love them dearly. I'll not hear much of any Walter talk that's not friendly.

He's got some fine tuned particulars, such as the ability to feel a mosquito landing on his elbow, not biting, just landing. I'm pretty sure he can hear hummingbirds at 20 paces, like Ray Charles. He's got eyes that see stuff most folks don't.

So, when he gets around a lot of HI's, he understandably gets a little cranky.

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