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Well it is that time of year we make list to improve ourself for the coming year and I have chose to loose some weight.

Is anyone up for who loses the most between now and the end of March?

I am planing to loose 30 pounds and a few inches off of my waist.

Any takers. I would hate it if I am the only one here that needs to drop a pound or two.

My starting point.

height 6' 3"

Weight 277.4

Waist 51.5

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I have an I pod. I purchased the Nike plus system. This has a sensor that goes on your shoe and the other sensor goes on your I pod. It tracks miles ran, calories burned, per minute times, etc. When you open your I tunes, or plug your I pod into your computer Nike plus uploads your workout the the Nike website. This site is pretty cool, you can graphically see your runs, total calories, etc. There is a character called a Mini that reacts to your activity. Don't run for awhile, he plays paddle ball and talks smack. Show consistent activity and he is break dancing, jumping hurdles and congratulating you. Google Nike Plus and see what it can do?[:-party]

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Okay troops Sgt Maj Mongo wants your attention:

I spent a lifetime training troops to be combat effective, whoever they were, age, size or gender. Any one who has been in the army/airborne will tell you that soldiers are by virtue of doing PT everyday 'professional athletes'.

And I was the ass kicker, name taker. So what I would love to impart on all of you, including adding my fat ass of 225 @ 6', is this:

1. Write down everything you take into your body, and pay attention to what is leaving your body: blood sweat tears etc.

2. Water is your best friend, never be more than an arms reach of your water bottle. Coors Light is a great substitute for heavy beer.

3. Take the Blood pressure test at any Pharmacy, its free. Re-check in one month.

4. Take your resting pulse, before coffee, before your first smoke, before you yell at kids wife dog. Re-check in one month.

5. Weigh your self once a week only, empty, naked, empty.

6. For results you have to reduce then stop caffene, sugar and carb boosters (RedBull, Amp Rockstar etc). If you use this stuff its like adding octaine boost, it wont help you. Your body has to starting feeding off itself.

7. Add an extra meal or two, find a meal between lunch and one between supper. South Beach has a great menu and your wife probably has the books or a friend she knows. Its a menu change not a diet.

8. If you have not trained in a long time or are in not the best shape, take the first few weeks and do nothing more than stretching and extremely light weights. Spend the time to warm up your body. You wouldnt rev up the car until the oil pressure was up would you.

9. Ignore most big results in the first two weeks, you should be able to lose 8pounds in 10 days. Its holding that off for the next month as you start adding muscle, which weighs more fat.

10. Finally, listen your your body, if its saying slow down, do it. You can always push harder later.

'Where the mind goes, the body will follow'

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Mongo is right on track IMHO, and if I could add one more thing. Find out what your BF% (Body Fat) is and focus on dropping that number. I use one of these Omron Fat Loss Monitor and even though it is not as accurate as submersion test, it's plenty good for monitoring my progress. If you focus only on the scale, you will likely lose muscle mass which ends up being counter-productive.

The diet is key. Low carbs, plenty of protein, fruits and veggies as well as a little dairy and fat. I choose organics as well whenever they are available.

I started training my body for the 1/4/10 big push back in Nov., with 3 days of cardio and 3 days of light lifting. Got the P90X program a few weeks ago and have been doing a few of those workouts to continue prepping for the big push.


BF% - 22

Ht. - 5'-9"

Lbs - 205


BF% - 10

Ht. - 6'-2" (probably not gonna reach this one)

Lbs. - I don't really care, but if I lose all of the fat and put on a few lbs. of muscle I should end up in the 180-185 area.

Best of luck to everyone!

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You know, I was always active - swam in the AAU for about 14 years, then County league basketball along with laying brick. I used to be able to get pissed off at myself and in a month shed all the weight I wanted to. Then, at age 50 it all just seemed to become CONCRETE and really resistant to all the things that used to work. One thing that worked for me, was walking. I walked 2 - 4 miles a day and lost 29 lbs in 9 months. The funny thing is, the year before, I had mountain biked 700 mile in one season for the sake of my wildlife photography and didn't loose as much weight as just brisk walking. And, snowboarding, as much as I love it, ain't cutting it when it comes to weight loss, it's too easy - more about balance and agility than muscle (Great thigh burner though.)

Mongo, any tips in particular for the over 50, would be helpful. I'm beginning to think the muscle confusion may be the best plan of attack. What do ya think?

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I don't need to diet; I need a change in eating habit.

I need to cut down on the intake and only eat things that are good for me.

Then I need to a a little exercise that I do not do now.

I will cut out some items I don't need but coffee will not be one of them[^]

I have a few items in the basement that would help me out if I will use them.

Click to Enlarge

45.39 KB

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I remember the last time we had one of these little weight-loss adventures (2 yrs ago), I started the thing weighing in at 227. I got down below 200 in about 2 weeks (by means of a couple weeks in the ICU). My weight since has slowly creeped up to 260lbs, now I'm down around 250.

Funny how my target weight is what my starting weight was 2 yrs ago!


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I'm beginning to think the muscle confusion may be the best plan of attack. What do ya think?


Good to see that you're looking into P90X[:-thumbu]. Follow their diet and go for it; keep in mind that you don't need their overpriced supplements-- you won't this workout. Better yet, do it twice in a row and be even more amazed with the results.


Good luck with the 6' 2" push. Hey, you might gain a half of an inch once you lose weight and strengthen your core.

Good luck everybody. I may be joining y'all in a few years.

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Well, for what it's worth, the metalization (removal) of spirits from the system becomes priority #1 as soon as it's consumed. So consuming into the night pretty much ensures that whatever you eat past about 6 PM is at the back of the line and you're most likely to end up wearing it. As a part of my plan of attack, I've cut out high test liquid refreshment altogether as of last Friday. I've truly declared all out WAR on this body. Drinking calories and carbs is far too easy so there's more to the magic of water than simply hydration. Avoid chugging calories and carbs. Let's DO THIS! Just imagine yourself on the obituary with folks reading it thinking, "Well that's no surprise the guy was a blimp."

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