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My Kid On The Radio

Michael Brown

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Thought I would share one of those proud dad moments with you...

My daughter recently signed up to be DJ for an hour on one of the local radio stations (http://www.thezone.fm/music/#myturn). I guess for the last month they have let some listeners bring in their playlists and be the DJ.

Yesterday was her day and somehow at the end she got talked into playing guitar and singing on the air live! [:-bigeyes

The DJ posted the song on his blog, have a listen:

http://morningaftershow.wordpress.com/2 ... ctric-eel/

Michael Brown

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That was well worth the listen. I'd love to hear her take a crack at traditional Irish folks music. Her voice sound's perfectly suited for it. She's awsome.

Who woulda thought such a gnarly dude coulda sired such a beautiful talented daughter? Guess miracles do happen! [;)]



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Nice. They just plain shock you at times!

They sure do! First time I ever heard her sing?

I'm sure all those who have kids have had those amazing kid moments in their lives... I was just lucky enough to get a recording! Thanks to the DJ for posting it.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and letting me share this with you.


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