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Way cool. What was it, and overnight race or something?

It was 2 laps of a closed 6.5mile singletrack course (hiking type trail) night race that began after dark. My category was limited to singlespeed bikes only and open to all ages. At 48 it felt good to win over mostly 20 and 30 somethings [:-thumbu]

Next weekend my 21yr old daughter and I are enduring a 24hr mt bike race together, then two weeks later we are relay racing a different 24hr mt bike race.

Add in camping and this is my favorite time of year [;)]

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amazingly I added a second place this past weekend in a 24hr mountain bike race. I sponsored 3 riders including myself and 2 of us finished 2nd in our divisions!

I will keep trying to get the word out that HI's aren't fat and crotchety!

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The winner was a 53 yr old cancer survivor currently battling diabetes, a true inspiration in determination.

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