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Has Anyone Ever Seen A Roof Framed In This Manner?


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I have never observed a roof framed with other than rafters or engineered roof trusses - that is until yesterday.

Yesterday I inspected a 1986 rural built home with roof framing that ran parallel to the home's load-bearing walls.

Has anyone every observed a roof framed in this manner?

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If the walls are not load bearing then beams are needed to transfer the weight of the roof/ceiling assembly to load bearing columns.

It's akin to an ordinary house with a garage; a beam across the front of the garage opening transfers the weight of the ceiling and roof to the sides.


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I see this done in some old row houses with low-sloped gabled roofs. Just think of it like a flat roof-ceiling joists spanning from bearing wall to bearing wall. There is an issue with this type of framing when used on a roof that does not have a relatively low slope. The roof load is partially transferred to the narrow dimension of the joist and therefore the joists cannot span as long as if they were oriented vertically.

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