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Cool purchase

Chad Fabry

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That's the link to the listing. The pictures don't do it justice.

I wrote a press release and Jimmy edited. I copied it and pasted it below. I already got a hit for rental space- it's a depressed area and I wasn't positive it would work, but I feel better now.

"Residential construction expert and local resident Chad Fabry recently committed to purchasing the landmark Swan Library building at 4 North Main St. in Albion, across from the County Court and clerk offices.

Fabry works primarily as a home and building inspector, but restoring and stewarding historic properties has long been his passion. William V. Barlow built the Fabry family home, an 1860?s Italianate villa near Holley, NY. Barlow also designed and built the Swan Library building.

In 1851 Albion?s then-wealthiest resident, Roswell S. Burroughs, commissioned the Swan Library to be built as his family home. One of Burroughs? employees, William G. Swan, later acquired the structure.

On March 17, 1900 (coincidentally, this is also Fabry?s wedding anniversary and the scheduled closing date for the transaction), Swan generously donated the structure to the Orleans community to use as a library- a use that would last for the next 112 years.

The exterior of the building retains much of its 1850s Greek Revival roots, but the interior is a substantially intact time capsule from the late Victorian era remodel that changed the structure from a home to a public building.

The Swan Building is an important part of Albion history and Fabry plans to make as few changes as possible; taking care to make all changes reversible so that the building can be restored to its current condition in the future.

Tentative plans involve creating the most prestigious, high-end professional offices available in Orleans County, although Fabry is eager to hear reader ideas for uses that will benefit the community. ?My wife, Alana, and I welcome any suggestions on how to best use this building,? Fabry said. ?It's on the national historic register; we respect the architecture and its history. We want to make the best decisions we can for the building and the Orleans community. Please, share your great ideas.? Fabry can be reached at chad@structuresmart.com"

Tom Breslawski, you can inspect it if you bring paint brushes and a good attitude.

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What's the pipe and radiator set up? Anything special?

Tall narrow radiators in corners or lower wider jobs around perimeter? Mix? I'll bet there's tons of iron in there. Judging from the pipe diameters, it's always been hydronic.

The room with the arches has under the floor radiators with wooden grilles above to preserve wall space for book shelves. All the other rooms have pretty nice tall/skinny radiators.

What appear to be pilasters on the exterior are actually chases for chimneys. There were four chimneys each with two flues serving eight fireplaces. All the chimneys have been removed at the roof line but all the fireplaces are intact each with a different cast iron surround and mantle.

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That is exciting, but now you'll have to put your house finishing projects on hold. [:)]

Offices and how about a virtual library? A couple of bright rooms upstairs and a couple of dark rooms in the basement. Couple of students to run it?

Our house is almost done. I never would have gotten approval to proceed if we weren't 90% complete.

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