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Broken Service Coupling


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I inspected a house today that had an underground service with a broken coupling at the service panel. This is the third one this year.

I don't know of an inexpensive way to repair this, do you?

The sellers bought the home 15 months ago and told me it wasn't there when they bought the home (5 year old home) I told them it typically happens in the first year when the soil gets wet and the soil in the trench sinks.

Then I did a bad thing, I asked if they had their home inspection report, they did and the inspector included a photo of the entire service panel, broken conduit and all.

Here is my photo.

Click to Enlarge

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I don't know of an easy way to fix it. It begins with the utility disconnecting power at the transformer.

The service riser conduit is broken just below the meter box, likely because the earth supporting it has settled down a little. Its an electrical hazard because the service conductors are exposed and unprotected. Ask your electrician to fix it and to install a "slip meter riser" so it doesn't happen again.


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Around here they:

kill power to the meter at the transformer,

disconnect the wire at the meter,

Cut the conduit short,

install a slip coupling and replacement conduit,

reconnect the wires,

turn on the power at the transformer,

and collect a few hundred dollars.

So Scott, what did they say when you pointed out that it was there when they bought it?

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