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I hate to say this but it's horrible, the dark black and white format is a complete turn off. I take it this is a DIY site, I suggest having a professional make you a site if you want to see some benefit from it. I had HomeGauge make my site and I am happy with it, I will be updating/redesigning it later this year.  Don't take offence to this as my first websites were horrible and I haven't updated my current site in years. 

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Hi Don,

The above is very honest feedback.

People visit sites to see and meet the inspector they might be hiring.  Who is your "team"?  What are each of their qualifications and experience? 

It doesn't even mention what area.  It doesn't show a location to indicate it's a legit business.

No need to tell people why a home inspection is needed.  They already know and are searching for a competent candidate. 

There's nothing in there that would ever result in your site showing up in a search - ever.  Also, your meta tags are useless for search indexing.

Typo and punctuation.

Flyers stapled to phone poles might get better results.

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16 hours ago, Don Hammel said:

Also curious if there is a way to "push" for good Yelp reviews.

Once you have satisfied customers, I would direct them to Google reviews rather than Yelp. Yelp might decide your reviews are fraudulent if you decide agains paying them to promote your business listing. Yelp is terrible.

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