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An honest question!

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I know there is a skilled inspector that can answer an honest question.

I transplanted my tulips last fall in the office garden and now they are just beginning to come up. Most of them have only one leaf coming up thru the dirt! It is a nice looking leaf, but only one.

What did I do wrong? I happened to need a little garden time today, after reading some of the stuff on this and other forums and maybe it is just the "Big Guy" getting back at me.

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I bought 2 dozen Bantam chicks last week and they all died. Do you think I might be planting them too deep?

That may be the funniest line I've read at this site. That note aside... I've never been able to figure out why anyone would put up with the droppings, the noise, the garden damage and general squalor that only chickens can bring to raise a bird that lays really small eggs and dresses out to about 9 ounces. If I ever raise chickens I'm asking for the biggest, fastest growing, best tasting chicken. Bantams will be food for my chickens.

As for the flower part of the question...one leaf at a time and they're not called twolips.

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The scoop is that you probably did not use enough mulch and composte, you probably did not use bone meal, and the tulips are just being obstinant. You can try a surface fertilizer. There also is something about letting them rest a while when you dig them before you replant them. And most importantly, when digging, you must tip-toe.

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