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Which dishwasher do you suggest?

Michael Carson

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I'm not sure what "within reason" is, but we went with Fisher & Paykel double dish drawers when I did our kitchen remodel. (see http://www.fisherpaykel.com/dishwashing/ )

The convenience of two, effectively, seperate and independant dishwashers is such that I don't think we could ever go back to a "normal" single model. Not cheap, but money well spent IMO. I bought the "integrated" model and fitted matching drawer fronts so they almost disappear but they're under the draining area about the middle of the photo.

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I don't mean to be critical, but the bowl in the cupboard at the upper right of kitchen sink is not level with the other bowls. You may want to tell the scullery maid to be more careful!

Nice kitchen but we are so poor there would have to be a Murphy Bed in that wall for us to afford it!

Fisher & Paykel is a great line and I agree with you. We opted for a Kenmore SS with the noise supression feature. It was abt $800 and the only problem is the "solids knife" in the pump was defective. The new knife was heavier and SS.

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Ran into one like Richard posted a few weeks ago. Dang near called no dishwasher. Fortunately, the seller asked if she could add dishes to the dishwasher and do the dishes at the same time. I said "yes, please" and watched her open a cupboard drawer.

First time I'd seen one that well hidden.

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We've had a Bosch for about five years. We love it, and if it died, we would buy another one.

When it is running you can't hear it unless you are standing right next to it. Even then, the sound reminds me of a gentle rain striking an asphalt shingle roof.

The dishwasher heats the water to a temperature higher than what is delivered by your water heater. This has two benefits. First, the hotter water does a better job of cleaning the dishes. It also allows you to dial back the thermostat a bit on your water heater, which will save some energy on your household hot water.

The most common complaint I have heard about Bosch dishwashers comes from people who are used to a dishwasher that has an electric heating element to bake the dishes in order to dry them, and they don't realize that the Bosch does not use that method. The Bosch relies on the hotter water temperature and the thermal mass of the dishes inside to store heat in the dishes, which then drives the drying process when the rinse cycle ends. It works well on ceramic, glass and metal, but not well on plastic (due to lack of thermal mass). Your Tupperware bowls might need to be toweled off before you can put them away. If you have a lot of plastic dinnerware, you might find this annoying. It also takes longer for the dishes to dry in the Bosch than in the dishwashers that use the electric heating element.

The Bosch costs more than a lot of models from the major brands, but it's very quiet, energy and water efficient, reliable, and does its job of cleaning dishes well. I'm just a happy customer and I am in no way affiliated with Bosch or any kind of appliance sales.


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