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Personally, I like the concept of the mobile deck. When not in use, you can park it near the street to show off your ingenuity. For maximum effect, you'll want to place it in the vicinity of your immobile '84 Camaro and the boat with the shredded tarp on it. Doing this allows everyone driving by to admire all your luxury goods with one quick look.

Most importantly, when you get evicted from your current place, you can simply hitch it up and take it with you to the new one! No sense doing home improvements that are bolted to a home you may not stay in long, right?

(The playhouse right by the road is a nice touch also. Let's be sure to encourage the little crumb-snatchers to play by the street.)

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I would use some landscaping that comliments the home's features, but do so sparingly. Avoid anything that takes away from the home, instead arrange the landscaping the draw the eye of the viewer toward the home itself.



What would be the most important feature to add to a small front yard to make it most appealing?

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