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another what is it.


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That's the igniter for explosives placed there by the owner in the event of non-payment by the buyer/tenant.*

*Or if it's a grow-op and it's getting raided.

Seriously though...a larger "establishing shot" would be helpful. This looks like an exterior sidewalk or similar. Any chance there's some sort of pump under that concrete to get rid of excess water?

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Some sort of ice melt thingie?

That settles it: I'm moving to Alabama to sell de-icing equipment.

Well . . . look who decided he didn't want to try nice, after all.

The photo's slightly out of focus, and I can't appreciate anything about the white gizmo. Can you tell us anything about it, Phillip?

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Any wild guess?

Obviously, it's one of several data-logging temperature sensors placed in the slab by the project's engineering firm. They used the temperature readings to verify that the slab remained within standard temperature parameters during the initial cure to ensure proper hydration and to achieve the required design strength.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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The white thing looks like a T12 fluorescent lamp holder, but I've never seen one with two white wires.

There is two more white wires you cannot see. They are on the back side of the white thing and run into the ground.

There where no out door lighting and it was what I would call a parking area for a boat.

I told my client that I had no ideal what it was and told him he may want check with the owner or the builder since the bank owns it.

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