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Must be cold..

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It's your browser having to load all those christmas lights. Kinda reminds me of when Chevy Chase turns on his Christmas lights with a wall switch only to see the local power company react by throwing a huge industrial breaker on their end. [:D]

(Actually, I haven't noticed anything either. Must be a regional ISP deal...

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I'm telling you, it's that damn Mike O. He'll stop at NOTHING to block me from TIJ. You can't imagine what I'm going through at the moment, just trying to stay online. He's using the full resources of TIJ's servers to force me out, which is why the site's so slow.

You'll never win, Mike. NEVER!!

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Yeah, I had slowness(?) last night, and also right now. When I click on a topic, nothing happens for 10-15 seconds...and then it loads. Posting seems to be OK. Photos load quickly. I'm not experiencing problems outside of TIJ.

While only a minor annoyance, it could discourage visitors from returning. This seems to be a recurring issue that crops up on a regular basis. I've not seen this on any other forum. Does our host perhaps need a bigger, faster server?

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