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Half basement, half crawlspace - Ever seen this?

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Here's a new one (for me at least)

Rather nice Colorado home (build 2000) that is half unfinished basement (cement floor, cement walls, etc) and half crawlspace.

When you enter the basement, you enter a large unfinished cement floored room. Theres a door off the the side and when you enter that room, the cement floor drops off and your standing on dirt. You find yourself in a tall (6 foot at least) crawl space type room. The previous owner placed subfloor loosely over the dirt and build decking around some of the shorter crawl space areas but walking around the room its evident your in a very unfinished space (large boulder sized rocks, etc) -- Almost like a cave.

Anyone ever seen anything like this? Apparently this is one of about 6 homes in the subdivision built exactly like this (Centex Homes) and while I dont agree with the building choice, I am most concerned about any potential issues with the design.


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Wouldn't happen to have any pictures would you? What is supporting the as you put it "loosely fitted sub-floor" and what did they use for framing and sheating materials? Is there any outlets and if so GFCI? How about penetrations through the foundation walls or floors. any drains. Really need some pic's.

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What's the big deal?

We see half basements, half crawlspaces all the time out here. It's just another technique. You inspect the house the same way; just make sure that there's a decent vapor barrier, no water getting in, no earth in contact with support posts, no rodents or insects and good ventilation and it's all good.



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As Mike said, they should have a poly vapor barrier down on that dirt. Even in Colorado, moisture is rising up into the living space.

If radon is a concern, bare dirt is the worst, or so I hear.

Sounds like the builder cheaped out. A concrete skim coat over poly would have been the best finish under there. That is what we expect to see here in any house built recently.

Older houses, there will be a crawl where there are outcrops of bedrock.

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