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HI Artography - Cross on Wall

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Strange image. The cracks to the left side are closer together making the wall appear to fade into depth of distance. Then, when you look at the right side of the image where the cross is, the perspective is that the surface is more perpendicular to your viewing point.

It's an illusion caused by the spacing if the paint cracks.

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I like the shot. I agree that it appears as if the wall curves to the left.

As for seeing images in the cracks...well, I looked a long time. (It is a slow night.) All I could find was Homer Simpson's ass. Or some equally overweight person -- gender not specified.

Look just to the left of the base of the crucifix. Invert it if need be.

Your mileage may vary.

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At the risk of being moderated; the "relevence of faith in our society" does not change. What has changed/cracked/fractured is man's belief that he is autonomous.

It's true. And I'm not necessarily a man of faith.

Those that believe that it's all their own work and ability that got them where they are need to explain how they constructed the universe.

(paraphrased from Carl Sagan)

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So, the ability to think and reason. Is it a gift or a curse?

I believe it is a gift. We are each FREE to chose what we will do or not do. Just like in our work.../no being is going to force us to do anything....not ever the RE lady who told me to "go easy on this one" at my Friday AM. =). I spent extra time writing on that one.

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