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Finally, the Tower Trim is done

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I've been putting it off for a long time because the work sucks and it's 37 feet off the ground.

Over the last month about 200 man hours went into removing all the trim, stripping it to bare wood then re-painting with boiled linseed oil, oil based primer, then two top coats. We fabricated all the trim for one side including dentils and corbels. The soffits were a mess. We replaced them with hardi soffit.

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Thanks for the nice words everyone, it means a lot coming from a generally critical crowd.

Richard, thanks for pointing out the gap in our vegetative barrier, I'll have to get something planted there ASAP.

John, the house had gutters when we bought it but they were ugly. I tiled the foundation and fixed grade;there's no issue with water even after significant events.

We removed all the trim and did the restoration on the ground. There was a lot of epoxy and lead paint to deal with. The restoration and containment of the nasties was easier on terra firma. When we did have to work high we used my ancient Lull and a 4x12 work station I built for the forks.

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If you want a restoration job, I know a lady in Seattle that has a 103 year old Italianate that's going to need about 160 linear feet of rotting cornice and brackets restored. The entire cornice is sagging about four inches all around. It's so bad that some nut job went around the house and installed 2 by 8s as diagonal braces under every other double s-curve bracket. Built-in tin-lined gutters with huge holes gnawed through a pretty elaborate brim of fancy molding by rats that I'm guessing have established their own government and separate state inside the cornice.



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