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voltage stick

John Dirks Jr

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Which voltage sniffer do you guys like?  I lost my Fluke which worked well.  I tried putting a Gardner Bender one I have into service but it's too sensitive.  It reads voltage even an inch away from a receptacle without even inserting the tool into the receptacle.  No good since I cant use it to check for polarity in older two prong receptacles.  My fluke was at the right sensitivity so you had to insert it to get a reading.

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I personally used Amprobe Voltage Tester..This unit is an automatic AC/DC voltage tester for residential and commercial use. It can test lights, appliances and is compact, pocket-sized and easy to use. It has bright neon lights which indicate AC and DC voltages even in well-lit rooms and has a built-in test-leads holder. 

Fluke is also good but I liked it more

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