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Christmas list

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I'm making out my list. Help pick which items to put down.

I need,

stinger flashlight - I never do more than one inspection a day so which model should I ask Santa for?

moisture meter, non-invasive - I don't wanna go nuts on this. I want effectiveness for as little money as possible. Which one would you recommend?

Thanks for your help and wisdom.

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Stinger ultra w/ a cheap mag back up will do if you're inspecting regular houses and only need the flashlight for furnaces and panels, that is, normal houses w/ normal on-site lighting. The Stinger battery life isn't great. I have three and by the time I'm done with an old house they're all dead.

The Protimeter Aquant is reasonable.

If anyone cares, I need a new pair of Redwings

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Protimeter Survey Master. Don't settle for anything less.

I buy those high beam (250,000cp) rechargable flashlights at any big box for about $10 each. I keep half a dozen around for when I need real light (I've always got a couple charging in the car), and a cheap mag lite on my belt for general stuff.

Get cheap lights so you can have a good moisture meter.

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My favorite flashlight is a head lamp. It always shines where I'm looking and leaves my hands free. I also had a great magnifying glass with a built in aimable flashlight. Picked it up at a local CVS drugstore. It was great for shining on serial numbers. Unfortunately, it died. I geuss it's time for a new one.

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Okay, I will NOT talk myself into a $349.00 flashlight . . .

I would much rather have (for under $400) my Werner adjustable ladder, Craftsman multi meter with temp probe, voltage sniffer, IR thermometer, 2 Mag lights, AA mag and button cell mini mag. The lights are knock-offs, but with good batteries I don't see any difference. In times as tough as these you gotta make the bucks go further.


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http://www.streamlight-flashlights.com/ ... inger.html

The ultrastinger is the flashlight for me. $99-$130 depending on source.

75,000 candlepower. They light up well lite interior rooms. 1000 recharges. Comes with AC and DC charges. I get 4.5 inspections on one charge.

I use a $40 pistol grip 1 million flashlight for crawls I picked up at an autoparts store.

I purchased a Protometer Surveymaster moisture meter $450 a couple of months ago. The plastic cover for the pins got lost pretty quickly. I got a camera lens cap keeper to reduce the loss of the replacement cap. I also keep a glasses repair kit with it to use the small screwdriver to open the battery compartment screw. Small enough to fit in one of the pockets on my tool belt so I always have it during inspections.

http://www.professionalequipment.com/su ... ent-meter/

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