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Christmas ... Nice Background

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2227 Dewey Avenue was my grandparents' home. There's a giant red oak in the yard that's about 6' in diameter at waist height. When I was a kid, the center of the tree was rotted out and my Dad and grandfather filled the cavity with bricks and mortar from ground level up to 7 or 8 feet above ground level. The tree has completely healed around the fill - there's not even a scar.

It'll be interesting when the day comes to take it down.

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A little blood is good!

I bought a couple of the $60 versions for my son and his wife. They are in Tacoma. Fort Lewis, don't ya know. Its his dream to fly the "real" thing. For now he is a heavy equipment mechanic in a chopper unit. We can tell times are lean and wanted the "kids" to have some fun this morning.

Hope your's has been a blessed day!

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