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Just so ya know.

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Happy X-Rated Birthday Bain! Somehow, I know that's what's ahead for you.

That reminds me of my days as a cab driver while in college. I picked up a hot chick that was wearing merely a mink coat and high heals. She was on her way to her boyfriend's house for his birthday. She made one stop on the way to pick up a six pack.

And, yes, she removed all doubt that the mink coat and high heels were the extent of her atire. That vision is as crystal clear today as it was on that day. She was smokin' [:-thumbu]

I told her, in jest, it was my birthday too, but she was unimpressed - on a mission.

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Thanks, everybody. I worked this morning, but I'm officially screwing off this afternoon.

My mother is cooking dinner, later, after which me and my gal will share a bottle of wine and take it from there.

Birthdays are strange; they're days of celebration, yet also reflection. Thanks to everyone here for putting up with my moods and the silly things I sometimes say. You guys are da best.

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Yes, fifty, which at one time seemed incredibly old to me. Then again, I suppose it's all relative.

But here I am, fifty years old, sitting in bed, and holding a cup of coffee at five-something in the morning.

The woman beside me is still asleep. Her blonde hair, the aroma of which is delicious, is spilled over the pillow, and there's something soothing and hypnotic about the gentle breaths she takes. She's probably too young for me, but at least for today, that isn't important.

At our feet, a German Shepherd is stretched across the covers. His aroma is decidedly not delicious, but his soul is pure, and he is family.

Fifty . . .

At this precise moment in time, fifty is okay.

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