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I was just wondering, the boots I wear on an inspection are EH rated and mine are getting a little worn in the toe area, amazing how that area goes so fast. But I was just wondering before I go by another pair, just how many others wear boots that are EH rated? Mine are made by Converse and they are awfully comfortable. They look more like a hiking boot than work boots and feel like it too. Nice and lightweight and your toe doesn't freeze off when its ice cold outside. Had a bull step on my toe once and that composite cover held right up.

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I wear Ariat Electrical Hazard (EM) work boots (cowboy style boot). Great slip resistant rubber sole.

I get some unusual looks when walking roof tops wearing my cowboy boots!!


I didn't know Ariat had boots that are EH rated, I shall have to take a look at their line.

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That was the day Erby realized that some of the biggest challenges in his life would be dealing with all the bull sh#t.

He went shopping for a belt and the biggest screwdriver he could find. [:)]

I wear hard toed boots when I'm doing real work, but for inspections, I just wear leather shoes with a rubber grip sole. Rockports I think they are.

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Red wing 8" boots. toes last 4-5yrs and soles abt 3yrs. Boot tops have lasted as long as 12yrs* if the toe leather lasts. We like them because they are waterproof, soft soles and easy to use shoe covers with or take off.

I never remove my boots, but do cover them every time.

*sitting at the desk as much as I now do, they may last the rest of my life!

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My hubby is a land-man, and runs and extraction business on the side. When he is out just looking over a property he wears Justin classic cut boots. No steel toe, but he has had these boots for over five years, and claims they are the most comfortable boot he owns (he has wide feet EE). When he is around heavy machinery, he uses the Timberland Pro Pit boss', is what they are called I think. Keeps his feet warm, steel toe, and also very comfortable. Hope this gives you a few leads, good luck!

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