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The answer to every question is no.......

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....if you never ask it. So go ahead and ask, what do you have to lose?

This was a little bit of wisdom my grandmother always instilled in me. To this day, I still do my best to live by that principle.

First off, I would like to apologize to everyone who thought maybe I fell off the face of the earth, I haven't. Just been VERY busy working, traveling back and forth to Spain, some family problems down south (no deaths, all is good) as well as what I am going to mention in a moment.

You see, in between all the hectic running and flying around, I said what the heck, stopped by an office and asked a question. I didn't think much would come from it, but see the quote above. I went in and asked anyways.

Those not familiar with the new GI Bill that went into effect on the 3rd of August, it was I thought, a decent plan and maybe a way I could make a few extra bucks by taking a basket weaving course or two. So I stopped by the admissions office of Old Dominion University and ask about taking classes and how the new GI Bill worked. I got the information as well as a bunch of other general course information and went home.

While looking through the stuff, my youngest daughter came up and asked me what I was doing. I told her about a few stupid classes I might take. She asked me why I would take a class if I thought it was stupid. I said for the money. She simply replied, can't you actually take stuff you want and get the money too? I said well yeah, but it's not like I can do anything that would change my life. And again she replied, "how do you know?". I was stunned,again, at my girls youthful wisdom. Or maybe she just didn't see my supposed problems or obstacles.

So I looked at the materials again with a different train of thought. I came across a degree that made me smile, but the doubts lingered in the back of my head. Then my grandmothers voice smacked me again, "Just ask".

The next day I went back to ODU and did just that. Well first off, Florence YOU ARE A GODDESS! Not only did she start helping me, she went over, beyond, through, above and every other positive adjective for me. To shorten this story a little, she not only helped but she introduced me to several others who helped as much as she did. Over the next few days I had admission fee's waived, Pell grants approved and a scholarship, on top of the GI Bill.

So, starting 29 August, I will become a full time student at ODU working on a Engineering Degree. All tuition is 100% covered and I will actually be paid a little over $2000 a month to go to school. This is on top of my Navy pension. If I take 4 classes (minimum) or 44 classes, all is paid for.

So, I am now a full time student. After talking it over with the wife, we have also decided to close the doors on Family Home Inspection and just do the school the right way.

I would like to thank EVERYONE here for all the help and input. I don't think I would have done as well as I did without it. I am saddened to be closing the doors, but it does not take a wizard to realize the opportunity being given to me. It would just be plain stupid not to do it, and do it the right way.

Unless someone throws me out, I do hope to hang around and still chat it up a bit. Heck, I bet I could get some great help with homework here! lol. But again, I really wanted to thank you all.

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I look back on the day I left school, and my Physics/engineering degree in progress, knowing I wouldn't be back for several years, and it just hurts that I haven't been back since.

Live the dream man and don't look back.

Best of wishes.

Agree Kyle, thats why I'm doing this part time, sometime or anything but full time. You should really look into going back. About three months ago I thought this was impossible. I seriously thought I was going to take a course in basket weaving or such if anything at all. Take a day, go talk to a adviser at a college an see what they say. That is the entire point of the post. What do you have to lose to at least look into into it. Just the minimal amount of Federal Pell grants is now at like $5400 every year. That is FREE money. Look into it.

But I will be honest with you guys, you deserve it. I do have a hidden agenda. I'm not doing this to better myself, but just I can can keep up with my daughters homework, lol.

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Well, now that school has officially started, I thought I would give some updates.

1) My first observation, apparently me and the teacher are the only ones old enough to buy beer

2) I don't remember math being this hard

3) My effort to get an easy A by taking Introduction to Spanish failed miserably. The teacher figured it out rather quick and depending the results of a test on Friday, I'll either be granted all the foreign language credits I need or be transferred into a 300+ level class if I desire. (I spent 14 years in Spain and have a Spanish wife, I'm rather fluent, lol)

4) I don't remember math being this hard

5) One student made a comment to the teacher about age, the teacher said it isn't that bad anymore, but man was turning 40 the worst time of his life. I told him after class I was 40. He got a good laugh.

6) I don't remember math being this hard

7) I'm confused to think about how hot these college girls are and how disgusted my daughter would feel when a 40 year old man is sitting behind her in class.

8) I don't remember math being this hard

9) Why did the 13 year old wonder kid have to sit next to me in math class?

10) Did I mention that the math is hard?

I chuckled when the math teacher said, some of you may not remember some things. After all you've had all summer and it's a new environment an all. Well it's been almost 24 years since I took a real math class (didn't take math a HS senior). A little more than a summer. I recognize most of the stuff but can't remember squat. Hopefully it comes back otherwise I may be in trouble, lol. One good thing though, they offer free tutoring which I'm certain to take advantage of. I care less about ego or pride, not only do I need to know it, I want to know it and know it well.

But it is going OK so far. My youngest daughter is making sure I do my homework and my wife laughs at me when she does. Fun all around.

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Congrats on the move for more education. I've not considered the huge step you've taken, but always continue to take various courses over the years.

Approaching 60 now and will never stop learning.

Whilst growing up on the farm in Montana, my Dad told me to: "Never, ever stop learning! The day you do; you had best be six feet under and toes up."

His point was driven home and has never left me.

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Which fraternity will you be pledging?

LOL! I actually was going through some lit today chuckling the whole time. I'm not so sure I'm willing to go through that garbage, the movies after all can't be too far off base can they?

Today I was also invited to join College Republicans too. But I don't think they want to hear what I have to say and I am a Republican.

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