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How's biz?

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I fully expected my job count to drop off within a couple of weeks into May, after the tax credit expired at the end of April. I was pleasantly surprised to see that what really happened was that work picked up...until the end of May and even into June.

Unfortunately, after the 1st week of June, it has been all downhill.

I'm just hoping everyone is taking vacations and not buying houses. I just know when I leave for vacation next month I'll be flooded with jobs that I can't do as soon as I get on the road with my boys...

What's happenin' with you guys?

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It's like somebody flipped a switch. I had been humming along with 5-6 per week, but if one originally scheduled for next week hadn't been rescheduled to this Friday, I'd be in the middle of a two week stretch without a single inspection. I might be getting a little panicky if I didn't have that one and two more scheduled for next week.

The silver lining is that I took off most of last week for vacation.

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