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I took a minor fall this summer and sprained my paw. I was using my telescoping ladder for a quick check of a roof drain, and the ladder slipped sideways. It just wasn't set up right, and I am thankful I was able to jump clear.

I am thankful for another year in this wacky biz. We had our turkey last month because winter comes early here, but it is a pleasure to celebrate the American turkey day with y'all.

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Some day there will be home inspection schools a year, maybe a couple years in length. Until then, if you know this gig fluently, you're either an autodidact, able to learn in isolation, or you're a member of TIJ.

It was contentious and maddening at times, and I swore a couple times that I'd done quit for good and would never come back, but I realize now that there's just no other way I would have gotten this far in this business without TIJ.

For that I am thankful.


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