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Price of copper

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For the past several years I have posted photos of my office garden and the eclectic copper stuff planted there. In fact we had a discussion if the copper pipes were damaging my tulips, etc.

Last night someone must have thought they needed my copper art and cleaned it all up! and took it with them! They left the pipe frozen in the ground and the bowling ball hanging from the far tree.

Not a huge deal, but it was worth maybe $30 in scrap.

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before last year

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sign of the times!

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Sorry, Les.

I hate being victimized. It takes a little while for the rage to pass.

My daughter had something stolen from her at school. She said it was her fault for leaving it out unattended.

But it wasn't her fault! It's the thief's fault. Stealing is wrong. It's just pathetic that she blamed herself.

Sigh. The rage is beginning to pass. I'm OK now.

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Back when I lived with my brother and friend, we were having a bunch of car break ins (7), and one car was stolen out of my garage. We got together and came up with a plan to bust whoever was involved. Then cooler heads prevailed and we decided we would be the ones thrown in jail, and then be sued by the perp victim.

I ended up installing some motion sensing light fixtures in the parking area, and never had a break in after that.

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You know, that was some good stuff......maybe there's an international art theft ring operating in Dewitt......(?).....

Shoot, around here, they steal anything. I've seen buildings where some moron sledgehammered the cast iron vent stacks off the roof of a two flat. Can you imagine? Stealing cast iron...(?)...........sheesh......

I saw some guys stealing the guardrails off the Skyway entry ramp on Stony Island last year. That was original.

Last year, I was looking at a dump on Garfield around Loomis, I had some guys try to steal the ladder off the top of my truck, and I was SITTING IN MY TRUCK WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

Life goes on.

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I'd check with the Art Auction Houses as far as New York or Paris. Did you sign your name to the pieces or was the whole display considered one Avant garde work of art? I'd be surprised if you told us you didn't have it insured with Lloyd's of London and have it listed with Sotheby's.

O' the art community loses another art treasure from one of the last great Bohemians left in this plain-Jane world of plastic and regurgitated wood.

Sorry for your lose.

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Plaster casts could be made of those footprints.

But they would be less attractive than your metal art. No, the cops are never much help, are they?

Somebody could scour the local yards and offer rewards. Just to get to the guy that's buying all the stolen copper.

It is sad when you can't leave stuff out in your own yard.

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Call the local scrap dealers and find out which one of them recently had a strung-out looking dude bring in a bunch of odd copper plumbing bits for a handout. They might even have a cash register area surveillance camera and video and you'll be able to get a look at who the dickwad was.



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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

I rally hate people that steal stuff- it's infuriating

Took the words right out of my mouth (including the spelling, Chad. I suspect you did that just to make me feel more at home around here. Thanks, bro - always thinking of others.) [:-thumbu]

It's impossible to identify with anyone willing to violate another's space. It's shocking that one in twenty-five folks on the planet is actually a sociopath (no conscience and no capacity to empathize with anyone.

I lost my favorite mountain bike last season to just such creeps, and my son-in-law had his truck window busted out and two laptops taken, while he was on a cruise.

This crap's on the rise right now, which really stinks.

Sorry that happened to you, Les.

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Our area scrap yards are required to get a photo ID and write on the ticket what was turned in. Most of our street people do the city a favor by picking up the cans and bottles left on the street for their daily allowance of MD20/20.

The Scums that come in from the Townships in the rusted out pickups are usually the ones responsible for property theft.

Bringing back public beatings and stocks to put the perps on display may help curb some of this. Also ban vacant houses, nothing brings down a street, block, neighborhood, town, or city faster then that.

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