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Plant based diet

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Getting started on one after seeing the video 'Forks over Knives'. The rules are simple: don't eat anything that had eyes, a nose, mouth, walks, swims, crawls, flies or that had a momma.

It's supposed to reverse cardiovascular disease and the entire category of illnesses that accompany it including Alzheimer's and diabetes.

Call it a New Year's resolution although the timing is just coincidental.

Anyone else following that kind of diet?


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Yes, but the claims are not accurate or precise. It will not cure all ills, and possibly it may not cure or reverse anything based on a huge array of variables dependent on genetic predisposition. I can give you hard data that supports this, some of it personal, some of it from family. That said.......

Lots of meat isn't good for you. Lots of meat is bad. That said, studies are now being refined to show that the real problem meats are bacon and processed meats, not just plain old meat. The original studies are flawed because they didn't delineate between meats. Bacon is very, very bad. Which sucks, because I really like bacon....a teeny bit of bacon in anything makes it better.

A little meat can be just fine; in fact, there are alternate studies that show a little meat is downright good for you...there's stuff in red meat you can't get otherwise.

Lots of fruits and vegetables is always good, unless you're diabetic, then lots of fruits can cause problems.

What about eggs? I can't survive without eggs.

Dairy products are not good. Adult humans do not digest milk, and the lactose itself can cause all sorts of problems. That said, a little yogurt can be very good for you. I have friends with chronic health issues that have cleared them all out by simply eliminating dairy. Personally, I'd like to but I have an addiction to cheese, particularly rich stinky types.

The most sane dietary advice comes from Michael Pollen. Eat a lot of vegetables, some grains, a teeny bit of meat is ok, but try to stick with vegetables.

Diabetic conditions are absolutely effected by diet.....that is fact and inarguable. If you're diabetic, or predisposed to pre-diabetic conditions, you better be eating right.

Something you notice in China........

There are no fat people. None. Well, I take that back. The very young children of the affluent are fat because they're the only one's eating Western processed crap. Other than the very young, there are no fat people.

Why? They eat tiny bits of meat, lots of vegetables, fruit is a staple of every meal, and they drink large quantities of warm water. Warm water is very good for you. Even if it's 110degF in the shade, they'll still be drinking warm water. No coffee, only tea. Good coffee in China is an oxymoron.

My friends come over here, and they're all amazed at how fat everyone is. Dumbfounded is more like it.

Diet is at the core of (more or less) all common health disorders, but it's not medicine, nor will the right diet cure your cancer.

My own diet is fairly Asian....lots of rice and vegetables, a little meat, fruit. Lots of water. Whey protein shakes for breakfast.

I bought a nice big ribeye for Christmas dinner.....man, it was good, but it literally knocked me out....I slept for 12 hours after that flame grilled delight.

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From what I understand about bacon, especially cheap bacon, is they pump it full of chemicals to give it taste (smoke, hickory, etc..) and that is why there is suck a huge price difference between the cheap junkie crap, and the real stuff.

Bad for me or not, bacon is too damn tasty to be left out of my diet.

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There's a strong argument to be made for eating meat. It's an efficient way to deliver calories to the body and it's what we've evolved to subsist on. That said, I think Michael Pollan's advice is sage. The processed foods we eat are likely much worse for us than the occasional bit of beef.

I try to eat very low on the food chain, as much organic and locally sourced food as possible and at not less than twice the RDA of red wine.

I also run 5 days/week and take no meds (unless you count the wine).

Anybody watch "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"? It's worth Netflixing.

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It's all quite simple. Ketchup. You just put ketchup on everything you eat. It's full of Lycopene and will cancel out anything that might be harmful. Hell, they used to have it written right on the bottle.

I love this stuff. How many friends have we all had that completely changed their lifestyle, lost weight, and still ended up in the lot, while the rest of us ate pizza and drank beer?

Don't stress over what you eat, Marc. It might kill you.

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Well...we all end up dead. That's not the point.

This discussion is about how we live.

And how long...and how well. One thing about this diet is that eating isn't a celebration anymore. Get your enjoyment of life elsewhere, which isn't hard to do when you've got the physical and mental wherewithal to do it.

Pass the Gas-X pls.


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Science has proven that for every minute that you exercise strenuously you add a minute on to your life. Seems to me that you are treading water, and those are minutes you aren't eating bacon. Or otherwise having fun. Choose wisely! [;)]

But seriously, overly processed food is NOT a good idea. Enjoy in moderation.

P.S. Invest in the stock of companies that make replacement joints. All those heavy folks are gonna need 'em in the coming years...

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Meat makes up just a small portion of our diet. My wife is a health nutritionist so there is some fish, some poultry and sometimes when I'm out and alone, a cheeseburger. But, for the most part our meals are meat minor or meat free.

Once you realize how good you feel without a gut full of rotting flesh, it's much easier to not indulge.

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Here is a link to the site of one of my gurus. Mike Jacobsen and his crew brought us ingredients labeling on food products, among other things.


Center for Science in the Public Interest publishes a newletter that surveys and reviews the food products out there.

I agree with the omnivore crowd. A little of everything is what you want. I am lucky to live on the edges of urbanity, between large tracts of forest, though I am inside a city's limits. It is not legal to shoot guns in the city, but I have friends who hunt deer with arrows, and each year they take one out of my woodlot and have the local abbatoir process it for me. Locally grown venison is pretty good. Also we have five chickens in a pen out back that lay more eggs than we can use.

As for exercise I do about an hour of yoga every morning. It keeps me toned and flexible. I have a good teacher that I see approx weekly and keeps showing me new moves.

If you watch the recent film, Food, Inc. it will about ruin your appetite for most of the meat at the grocer.

I have a friend in Puerto Rico who owns a marlin boat, still operates it with a hired captain, but retired himself from fishing. He says that commercial fishing has just about depleted our oceans, and he is not very optimistic about it.

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After watching forks over knives i started a plant based diet. its been nearly 2 months since i began and i must say that i have not felt this good in 25 years! More energy, more lucidity, clearer complextion and i've lost about 20 lbs of fat. I'm sticking with it because i just feel much better.

Jimmy recommended fat, sick and almost dead on fb a few weeks ago and after watching it a bought a juicer. Had my 1st concoction this am.

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I've always ascribed to the belief "If it's green you mow it". For the past few years I've tried to drop and keep off the 30 lbs I put on over the last 20 years. I know and understand I must change both my diet and exercise.

Cutting down on fats, processed food has helped me drop 10 lbs or so but it always creeps back. I've considered the Loden approach, it worked for him, but I think the MOVE MORE element is the missing part. So, I'm dropping the country club membership and headed to the Y. Time will tell.

When I married the wifie, I had to show her that chicken was not the only meat available. I'll be eating more of that and less of the red stuff. BUT, the venison sausage stays!

Erby, I think I know where your got #1. Are you on Sirius?

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