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Congrats to Jim Morrison

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Now that you've said it...

My wife and I were truly honored to be included as guests at Jimmy's and Kelli's wedding. Rather than bore you all with a long narrative detailing every single event I'll run a bulleted list.

Kelli is beautiful, funny and smart as heck. I'm not sure how Jimmy managed to land her but any woman that would allow her future husband to invite an "internet friend" to her wedding is a keeper. She's a cross between Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz Jimmy is one of my good friends even though we've spent only an hour or so in person together. He was a good friend even before we met. Open bar, top shelf and no table was closer than mine to the servers Rack of lamb, huge, delicious shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops and spring rolls for appetizers. The best damn food I've ever had at a wedding. ReallyKelli's Mom full of energy, all smiles and delightful Charlie Woods-home inspector/ Jimmy's partner in Mexico and 6 other great people at our tableSome kind of stuffed chicken for dinner with top notch cupcakes instead of cake for desertOpen bar for the duration Jimmy's boys are the handsomest pair I've ever seen An awesome Gourmet breakfast the next day: Jimmy with his tux coat and Kelli in her wedding dress, both a bit disheveled, were in attendance. Kelli said that by wearing her dress again she halved the cost per unit. Dude, I don't care who you are, that's sexy.All of Jimmy's and Kelli's family are so very nice... they're lucky and Jim and Kelli are lucky. Jimmy is putty in Kelli's hands and she's the perfect sculptress to refine his rough edges.

It was a Fantastic wedding, Jim's as great a guy as his words portray and his wife is beyond description.

I'm terribly proud to have been included in the celebration.

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Been in PR for about 4 days and just got us some reliable internet access. We'll be here another week. Kelli is enjoying a siesta, so I'll just thank you all for your kind words and add only this. It is an excerpt from an email I wrote my best friend, and he included it in his "Best Man Toast"

'No matter how far you have traveled, no matter how many people you've met along the way, no matter how lucky you have been; you have never met anyone as lucky as me. I have all I need, two sons that can't stop finding new ways to ma...ke me proud of them, and the complete and untiring love of a beautiful and brilliant woman. If I had an Aladdin's lamp in my hands, I wouldn't know what to ask the Genie for.'

True then, and true now...

And this: That Chad is brighter, more charming, and a damn sight uglier in person. If you get the opportunity, you should drink bourbon with him. Charlie Wood, too. Chad's wife could charm a skinny tick off a big, fat dog, and she's hotter than a match. It's no wonder she's got him wrapped.

Peace out,


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Thanks again my friends. Glad to see you were able to get by while I was away. :)

It was in the mid 80's and sunny in Puerto Rico and I came home to bone-chilling cold (It's not supposed to be 15 degrees in the middle of Decemer, is it?)

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the kind words, advice, and remembrances.

I wrote facetiously about Chad in an earlier post and I'd like to add one more thing: He and I have spent countless hours on the telephone at nearly every hour of the day and night. We've emailed and snailmailed voluminously, traded music, jokes, and stories of our misspent youth. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend some time with him and his wife in person at my wedding. If there is a more genuine, honorable guy out there, he's got some lucky-ass friends. Thanks for making the trip, amigo. You done us proud.

A good home inspector might report back on the many subtleties and nuances of Puerto Rican residential construction, but -I'm sorry to disappoint- not me. A good honeymooning husband hardly notices anything outside of his hotel room. I must let my distinct lack of a tan serve as my only report on my time in La Isla Bonita.

Thanks again,


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