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Jim Morrison

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Hmmm....I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, I just want everyone here to know that my boy Chad Fabry officially joins the ranks of the old, if not quite decrepit tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow makes fifty (50) years he's been dragging his knuckles across this earth, and I'm afraid he'll be off celebrating with his wife all day, so I wanted to make sure we all got the chance to give him a hard time pre hoc.

Happy Birthday Amigo!

Enjoy it,


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As I waited for the page to load on my phone, various scenarios were whizzing through my head regarding what kinda juicy bait was on the end of this hook - and can I resist the temptation to leave proof that I took the bait. Nice one Jim, you're funny.

Hey Chad, Happy Birthday Brother! And a bunch more on top of this one.

I'm shooting for 120 myself. Why not?

Enjoy the day...

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Happy Birthday Chad,

Now that you've officially joined the ranks of us dirty old men, you can spend all the time you want trolling porn sites, and calling the late night chat vixens, without fear of reprisal from the wife.

Go ahead and try it. I promise you that she won't gut you like a white tail. [:-skull]



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Happy Birthday and welcome to the "codger's" club.

You may find that the bones will creak more with the cold weather and snow that you have to endure up there.

Even in Dallas my knees are real creaky ... but hey I have 10-years on you!

Bottom line ... Have a great time, enjoy and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [:-party]

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