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30 Years Today


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Yung and I met because she was the spitting image of an ex-girlfriend of mine. I was working undercover in my role as an AWOL doper and had the nightclub she managed under surveillance for alleged drug activity.

I saw her back in the office and actually thought she was my ex-girlfriend. I told a waitress that I wanted to talk to her. The waitress said, "No way, GI. She's the manager. Her boyfriend is a Korean rock star. She doesn't talk to Americans. No way I'm going to get fired by asking her to come talk to you."

I showed the waitress a picture of my ex-girlfriend and said, "If she doesn't talk to Americans, how come I have her picture in my wallet?" To make a long story short, it worked; the waitress did go back - and did get yelled at - but Yung finally did come out of that office to talk to me and three weeks later we went on our first date - a trip to the zoo in Seoul. We got married two years later.

Thirty years later she's still my best buddy and the only person on the planet that will put up with my bullshit.

I think I'm gonna keep her around for a few more weeks.

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Yung and my niece Eun Jin



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Congratulations Mike & Yung. I think you're fortunate to have each other.

I'll share a poem from one of my favorite poets, Vermonter Walter Hard:

Wedding Anniversary

Life at the Strong farm had not been easy.

Henry had inherited a mortgage

And worn-out land and run-down buildings.

He had married Eliza when she was just twenty

And together they had brought the farm back.

They had raised the money for the mortgage and a family besides.

Their fiftieth wedding anniversary had been about the first party

They’d ever felt they had time to join in.

They would never have thought of celebrating

But one of the daughters who lived nearby

Had the whole thing arranged before they heard.

They accepted the plans with some grumblings at first.

Then Eliza got into the spirit of it

And by the time the day had arrived

Henry had been helped into a boiled shirt

Without doing anything worse than a little quiet cursing.

They enjoyed the party so much that from then on

They began to go to things whenever they had a chance.

One evening they amazed everybody

By appearing at a Grange dance.

When Henry escorted Eliza to the floor

To make up a quadrille, the crowd broke into spontaneous applause.

Before they realized it, they were having a party

Marking their sixtieth anniversary.

It was mostly an exhibition of grandchildren.

Toward the end of the day, Henry was on the porch

Talking with his three sons-in-law.

He was glad to sit quietly in a chair

But his wife was insisting on helping with the clearing up.

One of the sons-in-law asked Henry how he figured

That he had kept well to such a good old age.

Henry patted the arms of his chair.

“Well, when your mother-in-law and I got married

We made a little covenant like between us.

We agreed that when I got mad, I’d keep my mouth shut.

When she got mad I’d go outdoors.â€

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