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Requiescat in pace Al Morrison

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The man who taught me:


To make sure the people I love know it,

To do the right thing because it?s the right thing,

The trade that fed my family for more than 20 years,

That forgiveness is almost always easier to obtain than permission,

That all you have to do to finish a race is: ?Don?t stop?,

The importance of family and knowing where you come from,

What it really takes -and means- to be strong, honorable and dead-honest,

To tie my shoes,

To catch a pop-up, ride a two-wheeler, and know when to leave the room,

That a guy like me who couldn?t drive to the hoop, had damned well better develop an outside shot,

To grow my own food,

To make damned sure I always bought my round,

That if you shoot the king, you?d better kill him,

That you don?t have to go to every fight you?re invited to,

In short, to be a man, and countless other things, died peacefully in his sleep just a few hours after my brothers and I snuck in some Friday afternoon beers with him.

The ?Hoo-rah!? on November 10th will never rattle bones the way it once did.

Most men would be very pleased to be a footnote in history. My Dad was an exclamation point. And a danged good home inspector.

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I know from the way you've always talked about your Dad just how much you loved him.

The description I liked the best is the way the 67 year old Marine handled a 40' extension ladder.....I forget the details, but you made it sound like ballet.

Thanks for putting up the note. He left a great legacy.

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I've greatly saddened by your Dad's passing. Even though I'd never met him - have never even met you face-to-face, actually - you'd made him so real to me that I found myself shedding tears at the passing of my very good friend's father.

I think your Dad would appreciate the following traditional irish toast to the passing of a loved one.

Oh, here's to other meetings,

And merry greetings then;

And here's to those we've drunk with,

But never can again.


Cousin Mike

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Alana and I were fortunate to meet Jim, his wife Kelli and their families and friends at Jim and Kelli's wedding in 2009.

Jim was beaming, Kelli was beautiful and effervescent and Al looked like he had his suit pressed while he was wearing it.

Life is short, loss is forever. Meet the people you want to meet, says the things you want to say.

I'm installing copper counter flashings on a 1829 federal cum italianate today. I'll give thought to your Dad and as he would, I'll be patient and deliberate. The copper will be perfect and beautiful. Every time I see the house, I'll think of today.

Hug your wife, love your sons and tonight, lift a mug.

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Al Morrison was a friendly guy who made me feel welcome in the local ASHI New England chapter when I first started attending meetings a long time ago. He was always willing to help a new guy with questions. Jimmy was 'just a pup' then! Al is loved by all the local Boston area home inspectors for his warm demeanor and great solid character. BTW, we all love Jim too..!

Rest in peace Al!

The salt of the earth these folks are.. Salt of the earth..

Rob Amaral

Walpole, Mass

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